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[edit]Key Facts:

Company name: NY Airways


Call sign:NY Flyer

Headquarters: Buffalo

Destinations:2 Domestic,

4 International

Fleet size:38

Team Colour:Blue

Subsidiaries: None formal


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History[edit | edit source]

it all started when our CEO started Disney air with a Concorde which after several days it declared bankruptcy. the next day NY Air was started with several british arospace atps with after a week had to declare bankruptcy. then our CEO started to find a good fleet combination which he finally found as two ACAC ARJ21-900 and thats how NYA today started.

Starting Operations[edit | edit source]

NY Airways started operation on the 19th of June 2009 it started out as two ACAC ARJ21-900s flying from buffalo to Montreal, New York and Chicago. several days later they started leasing ATR 42 then 72 freights then moving up to an 148 then ACAC ARJ21-900s and then the tuplev 334s and boeing 737 200 advanced. next we started leasing DC 9 40s right after that we sold an ACAC and bought a Dc 9 40 then we leased an MD 90 and a airbus 310 freight. along with the DC 9 40 then finally selling there last ACAC and bought a airbus 300F and then a day later canceled all leases to lease ilyusion il 76s which is now are current fleet. all planes we operated we would recommend to new airlines are CEO will update this for latter events

Fleet[edit | edit source]

The airline has a fleet of 38 aircraft:








airbus A380 8 Clasified none
short 330 6


an 225






787-3 1
727-200 8
concorde 7

Alliance[edit | edit source]

NY Airways is GM and founder of SkyLink a small dedicated aliance of active players

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