Los Angeles Air


Headquarters:Los Angeles(LAX)

Founded: August 10th, 2010

CEO: coa1234

Private Airline

Our motto is: Grow better. Play smarter. Los Angeles Air, the LA on-time machine.

Airline History[edit | edit source]

I started out with Philly Air. It only lasted 4 days. Thanks to Ripped Off Airlines, I got on track and became Phoenix Air now moved to phoenix. We made this airline to increase funds for me the CEO, COA123 . After 35 days of operations, we lost so much money we went bankrupt the 2nd time in history. I decided to move cities. We didn't move far. We moved to LAX and became Los Angeles Air. After 1 month of thinking bankruptcy, we have decided to continue flying around thu USA and on the European Flyway from WE LOVE FLYING. We have made plans to start an alliance once we get to 6 million dollars. WE LOVE FLYING WILL HOPEFULLY CONTINUE TO GROW ONCE WE LEAVE. But if the alliance doesn't work we will return to WE LOVE FLYING.

Airline Milestones[edit | edit source]

Its LA Air for August 15. We have hit a milestone we have hit 700,000 dollars for route revenue!

Current Los Angeles Air fleet:

6 ATR42F's (cargo)

1 ATR42 (passenger)

We will continue to grow better than Phoenix did.

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